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    Non Abandonné

    Another cray day at Le Tour. And by cray I mean same. Andrew Talansky showed just how strong the desire to finish this race is by soloing off the back for nearly 80km, making the time cut by just 5 minutes. I don’t have enough chapeaus for this guy. These daily stories unfolding on our screens are why we love this race and this sport.

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    Your Joke of the Day from Rachel Feinstein. Watch her episode of The Half Hour, premiering tonight at 12:30a/11:30c. 

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  6. Geoffrey Stein, Jill Abramson, 2014

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    feeling like I wanna make a map with this palette.

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    Jens Voigt wears the mountains jersey in the 1998 Tour de France.

    Jensie is THE Boss.