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    Potentiall Hazardous Asteroids: A map of all known asteroids at least 140m across

    (Source: commons.wikimedia.org)

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    Courtney Barnett can tell you a story like she’s your best friend, provided your best friend is a funny Australian poet.

    Watch her play NPR’s Tiny Desk, including a new song, “Depreston.”

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    Continents carved out by underwater telecommunication cables


    Several maps have been created using this dataset (http://www.submarinecablemap.com/), but none have not included any other geographical features. I like how the telecommunication cables give the illusion of the continents.

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    North American States/Provinces Abbreviation Classification

    (Source: reddit.com)

  9. Paul put some Ahrens horizontal dropouts on my steel CX bike. #rocklobstercycles #ahrens #sscx #cyclocross

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    Charlie Loyd | Confluence of the Fisher and Mellor glaciers (2013)

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